4 Tips For Balancing School, Work, And Family Life

-Written by Elton M.

It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere, the call to living an aligned and balanced life. And while you’d think balancing work and family life was enough stress as it is, it gets real when you have to find a healthy balance between school, work, and family. So, how do you manage your class schedule while balancing work and family? Good time management tips. Here’s how:


  1. Evaluate then plan for your days. Do you work full-time or part-time? How many hours do you spend in class? What responsibilities do you have at home? Map out your day, then make a plan and mark your daily tasks on your calendar. By doing this, you ensure all the tasks in your busy schedule are completed on time. If you find that there is much to do in a day, find creative ways to fit everything into your schedule. For instance, meal prepping is an excellent time management practice. Always remember to keep your calendar updated.
  2. Designate your time. If you find that balancing work and school is easy and still find time for your family, well, kudos. But if you have a full-time job, classes in the evening or morning hours, and you wish to spend time with your family without feeling overwhelmed, then designate your time properly. For instance, you’ll find that the best ways to study require you to have a spot with no interruptions. Then eliminate downtime, which leaves you some free time to balance between work and home.
  3. Make healthy choices. When you have a lot on your plate, it’s easy to skip a meal or two and take the graveyard shift to complete your assignments. But when it becomes a habit, it starts to pose a threat to your health. Lack of sleep is significantly akin to cause stress. Therefore, make sure you eat healthily, get enough sleep, and find time to exercise. Learn to say no and to ask for help when needed. Have a support system in place as well.
  4. Find time to relax. Dull jack might be a bore, but have you met burnout Cathy? She’s tired, unmotivated, and emotionally void. She bears no life. This is why you need to find time to relax. Get a massage, go out with your friends, or go to the park and read a new book. Forget about your work, family, or school and selfishly do something for yourself. Time out from everything will rejuvenate and motivate you to keep at it.


Life requires balance, and juggling work, family, and school is not an easy feat. Nevertheless, if you are disciplined, you’ll accomplish your goals with very few hiccups along the way.