"About Me"

You can call me Cee, and I’m the creator of this here
‘EssayPlease’ site you’re on right now. And just like you, I’ve
been in what I call the ‘student shoes’ before. I’ve worked
jobs, taken care of family, juggled plenty of responsibilities,
all while going to school full time. So I know it isn’t easy, and writing can be one of the most difficult and crucial parts of school.

Since I was a kid I’ve had a knack for writing. Regardless of topic, I had the unique ability to put together words that
would dazzle teachers (lucky me). That’s where EssayPlease was born. I wanted to use my abilities to help others who aren’t so talented in writing, or abundant with time- to get papers that were plagiarism-free, well-written and delivered by a human that actually cares about your work-that’s my mission.

For over 7 years I’ve been in this industry, and although we’ve grown from a one-woman show, I continue to do my best to stay true to my mission. All of our writers have similar beliefs, and we ensure that you and your work are taken care of as if it were our own work. So if you’re in need of a person with superhuman writing skills that will take on your work as if they were in your shoes… welcome to EssayPlease…
“Your work, is our work.”