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Resumes/Cover Letters

Need a touch up on your resume? Trying to get into a specific job? Our writers are experts at making sure that your resume and cover letters are formatted correctly and provide powerful language that will get your foot in any door.

Sample of Double Space Paper
Resume and cover letters aim to get the client into a certain door. In order to have a great resume, we ensure that we understand firstly the objective of the person and secondly, what their ‘goal’ is looking for in a prospect. By analyzing these two things, we then hone a resume or a cover letter that uses language that builds rapport and emulates what is being sought out. This increases the chances of getting more eyes on your resume.

You definitely earn a small corner in our diploma. I really respect your hustle and just wanted to say thank you for saving my life


I’ve told all my friends about you! Thanks for the help and great work! A+


I am amazed to see the delivery time. I got everything in a timely manner and top quality work without any doubt. 



Prices begin at $80/resume with at least 4 days to complete

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