6 Best Ways to Study

Midterms or Finals are coming up, your stress levels are rising and there’s a ton of information you need to inject into your brain before the tests begin. Here’s a short guide to getting your rear end on a chair and your brain into study mode!


  1. Find THE Spot: You know, the spot where your mom, dog, friends, cats and overbearing strangers wont disturb your peace. Focus is the most pivotal step to having a great study session, and often times our environment makes it nearly impossible to reach our zone. So find an area; whether it’s a coffee shop, a library, the park or a lonely roof somewhere, to sit comfortably and hit the books. If you aren’t able to find a place, invest in a good pair of headphones and block yourself from the distractions.


2. Turn your phone on silent! Our phones and computers are the most distracting factors in basically everything we do. It’s nearly impossible for you to study well if your phone is constantly ringing, vibrating or lighting up in front of you. The brain works best when it is centered on one task at a time. So if you want to make sure you’re getting the best study session put your phone on silent for at least one hour, tell your closest friends or lovers ahead of time that you’ll be studying and you wont be able to respond for that time frame.


3. Keep a study goal in mind, and write it down in front of you. If you’re studying for a history midterm and you’re taking practice tests, write your goal down and keep it right in front of you. For example, note down 95% on practice test and post it somewhere you can see. This will help your brain stay on task and give you something to reach for. You don’t necessarily need to reach the goal immediately, however writing those goals down and keeping them at eye-level is the perfect motivator to keep studying.


4. Bite-sized Study sessions: Break down your study session into smaller pieces based on what you are attempting to learn. Whether you’ll be studying Edgar Alan Poe’s biography for 30 minutes straight or focusing on memorizing important historical dates until no fail, breaking up your study sessions is helpful to succeeding.


5. Note down what you keep messing up on. Sometimes when we study there are patterns of information that we may continuously get wrong. The goal is to study what you’re not familiar with. So if you are studying and you keep getting answers incorrect, or if there is a common topic that you just seem to keep messing up on jot it down and focus on that topic until you understand it.


6. Get a study buddy (a serious one!) Not your funny, entertaining besty that is going to give you the rundown on last years vacation. Make sure to find someone that is just as serious as passing as you and can motivate you to keep moving. Be clear and direct as to what you expect from the study session and make it a group effort to assist each other on your study goals.


These are just a few ideas to get your studying to A+ level! Stay stress-free, give yourself considerable time to study before exams and squeeze in some you-time before your tests! If you need help with your workload, free up time from your schedule with EssayPlease. Get $10 off your first order when you use coupon code NEW10

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