Moving into your new dorm? Congrats! We’re sure you’re both excited and nervous! There’s so much to do, and shopping for all the things you’re going to need for your dorm (or college living space) shouldn’t be one of those things.

So we did the shopping for you! Literally, everything you will ever need for your dorm is here on this list. Simply click on the links and you’re set!

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We’ve made it as simple as possible for you and organized all the products through categories. Let’s get started:


The King/Queen’s lair. This is where you’ll rest your head night after night. Whether it’s after a long day of classes, or a night of studying, you’ll want to make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible.


If you want to sink into heaven the minute you dunk yourself into bed, a comforter is definitely something you’ll want to have in your dorm room. You won’t regret the difference in level of comfort while you’re sleeping.


I’ve seen some college kids that only sleep with a blanket. Kudos to them, but if you’re trying to keep clean and be as comfortable as possible, I’d recommend having at least two sheets, so you can replace one while you wash the other.

Mattress Cover:

I recommend Mattress Covers mostly for students that know they get down and dirty. If you always have drinks on your bed; you bring a lot of friends over, or you’re prone to spill, protect your mattress with a cover. You won’t have those icky stains on the mattress every time you change your sheets.

Bed Cover:

Bed covers are like the ultra level of comfort. They aren’t 100% necessary, but if you really enjoy a good night’s sleep, or if you believe that your beauty naps are extremely necessary, then a bed cover will do the trick. They’re like putting marshmallows below you before you float into your dreams about straight A’s.


I always thought all pillows were the same. Until my sister gave me an super-soft pillow that changed my sleep forever. Your pillows can make a difference in your quality of sleep, that’s why we recommend these, they aren’t the ones you find at a dollar store, but they aren’t the ones that will morph into your body type. It’s perfect for people that need to hug a pillow or put it between their legs.

Pillow Covers:

Usually sheets come with pillow covers, so if your sheets come with them, you’re set. But if you want to add a little flare to your college dorm, these are perfect. They’re tight knit and don’t get raggedy over time. Plus, there’s a huge assortment of solid colors to choose from.


There’s a ton of electronics that will help you out during your college years. We’re focusing on the most important ones here. Always make sure to check your dorm rooms list of things that are allowed. Some dorms don’t allow certain electronics due to fire safety measures.

Extension cords:

You’ll find that your bed or your desk is ‘conveniently’ placed in the opposite site of the wall socket. Who wants to uncomfortably sit on the floor to juice up their electronics? Always measure off your electronics so you have enough space to move them around. And we specifically chose this extension cord with the flat head, because we know you’ve lived it… a bed or piece of furniture popping out because of plugs. Problem fixed!


Alright! So depending on your college major and what type of applications you’ll be using for school, this choice is based on your needs. However we chose the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 for its flexibility on what it can do. This laptop is affordable, can act as a computer and as a tablet. You’ll notice that you’ll be moving around a lot during classes, so you want something that you can maneuver easily. I myself am team MacBook, but for students that don’t need one… this is a safe bet!


Trust me, you’ll need some headphones! They don’t have to be big, but you’ll definitely want some headphones when you’re in your room trying to study and your roommate is being exceptionally loud again.  I choose bluetooth because dealing with wired headphones can become a pain in the ass.

Desk Lamp:

Depending on how your room desk is set up (if it is) you’ll need a personal light for the late night study sessions! This one is perfect for not bothering your mates with too much brightness, and its conveniently sleek. Don’t do what I did and write on your computer in pitch black surroundings, I lost a huge portion of my eyesight to doing this!

Portable Charger:

The last thing you want is to be in a three hour lecture class and the text message you’ve desperately had to send can’t be sent due to… dead battery! I’ve saved myself some major headaches by always carrying a portable charger! You’ll be surprised how many times you’re going to forget to plug in your phone or computer before you go to bed.

Cleaning Supplies:

Keeping your area clean is key to a healthy mind. Ever been in a room that looks like it’s been hit by a tornado… want to study and do homework in the middle of that mess? We didn’t think so. Having these supplies handy will keep you from procrastinating in keeping your room clean. The killer of cleaning isn’t always not wanting to clean, it’s thinking about having to go to the store and buy all the crap necessary to clean. So do yourself a huge favor and have these around. You might not use them everyday, but you’ll thank me later!

Cleaning Wipes:

The holy grail of a clean college dorm room. You spill, quick clean. Dusty desk? Quick clean. Your roomie sneezed on your textbooks… you get the gist!

Handheld Vacuum:

Even after I left college, I love my handheld vacuum. Crumbs, soil, dirt. We don’t pay attention to how much of these things fall into the crevices of our living areas. A Handheld vacuum is quick, small and will make a huge impact when you bring your neat freak friends over for a night of Cards Against Humanity.

Feather Duster:

Never in a million years did I think I’d use a feather duster. I thought only grandma’s used them. But the moment you realize how much dust accumulates all around you, you’ll think otherwise too. If your dorm has blinds, get this. If your dorm has a ceiling fan, get this. If your dorm has corners you can’t reach…. get this.

Bathroom :

Realistically, you’re probably rooming with somebody. If you’re solo, awesome! But if you’re sharing a bathroom with someone else, here are a few things that you can use that you can store after use.

Shower Caddy:

A college bathroom can get congested really easily. Mostly when there isn’t much space and you’re sharing it with someone else. This mesh shower caddy will hold all of your necessities while simultaneously doubling as a great storage bag for those things. It’s a win-win!

Shower Shoes:

Okay, I’ve seen some contradictory convo’s on shower shoes. But if you’re like me, and you feel weird when your feet are touching the millions of dead skin cells that are left on the shower floor by someone else, then there’s no debate here. Shower shoes in a bunch of cute colors. Protect your feet from infections and fungus!

Bath Towels:

We think that all we need is one towel. Wrong. If you’re like most people, you take a shower, bring the towel to your room, forget it there, go back to the bathroom, wash your hands or face, reach for the towel… where is it? Gone. Having two of each towels will keep you from searching your room for that stinky towel you forgot to hang to dry, and it’ll make sure you always have a clean spare while you do laundry.

Hygiene Products:

Whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, body wash, these items are personal decisions. Regardless we added them, just so you don’t forget them!

Professional Clothes:

We suggest you take a lot of comfortable clothing to your dorm. But that is also a personal preference. What we did want to add to this list is to make sure you take some professional clothing. You never know when you’ll have an important interview, or event that will need you in a suit or business attire. Don’t leave that shopping until the last minute.

Laundry Detergent:

Having detergent and softener to keep your clothes nice and clean. I prefer pods because you can have the big containers stored in your room and put the pods in a small bag when you go wash your clothes. It’s efficient.

Rolling Laundry Basket:

This basket will save you time and backaches, literally! There’s nothing worse than lugging around heavy laundry all over the place. I started using these baskets with wheels after a friend recommended it, and man did I feel the difference!


I feel like hangers are the forgotten heroes of all ‘moving in’ supplies. We forget how important they are until you reach your closet and there’s nothing to hang all your clothes with. I chose out this 50 pack because it’s affordable and its always best to have some extra, instead of items of clothes sharing hangers and messing up a perfectly organized closet.

Eye Mask:

This one might look a bit silly, but you don’t know who you’re rooming with, and if you got someone who is always up late… the pillow over your head won’t be enough to cover the light show.


This list is for a lot of obvious items that you may forget here or there. I’ve used these countless of times, so I thought that even though they’re ‘obvious’ they could be missing in your list.

College-ruled Notebooks

I take notebooks seriously! Maybe it’s because I’m a nerd. But oh boy do I hate a wobbly, thin sheeted, page bleeding notebook! If you’re the type of student that takes a lot of notes FIVE STAR is the five star notebook. These are my go-to’s when it comes to notebooks. They’re heavy duty, they have an assortment of dividers, they don’t bleed when you use gel pens, the pages don’t rip, and they have little pockets inside! I’m a literal fan of these notebooks!


As a certified nerd, pens are also a point of fascination for me. However after using so many, it’s hard to be loyal to only one brand.  I chose this brand because of the two colors that come in the pack and the multitude of pens. If you’re like me, pens disappear into the abyss. And you’ll find that when you’re taking down notes, having at least two colors to differentiate points will be extremely helpful during your study sessions.


Are backpacks in college even a ‘thing’ any more? Regardless they’re necessary, and since sleek and slender is in, I chose this neutral bag that should be enough to hold a laptop, and your notebooks, plus it has a charging station for your electronics.

Laptop Bag:

I started using a laptop bag after college, but I think it can be beneficial for a lot of college students. Laptop bags are thin and they have a lot of pocket space for your pens, notebooks, and small electronics. If all you’re doing is going to the coffee shop, this bag is perfect to carry those necessities.


Not everyone gets into the habit of using calendars, but they are so useful! I’m sure we all know we have one on our phones, but I strongly believe that you remember things more when they’re in front of your face! A physical calendar you hang up where you can see it can be the reason you remember that important test a week before hand! Don’t underestimate the power of this simple office supply.


Much like the calendar, a planner can also take some time to get used to. But once you do get used to it, your productivity will sky rocket! From homework you may need to submit to EssayPlease to quizzes, interviews, due dates.. a planner will keep that all tracked out for you. Plus, it’ll help you out even once you’re out of college. You don’t need a crazy complicated planner, one like this could be a perfect start for beginning planners!

First Aid Kit

Last but not least, a handy-dandy First Aid kit. College students underestimate the amount of cuts and scrapes they get while they are rummaging through thousands of papers and items a day. It’s good to have one on hand the day your pesky textbook decides to clash with your finger. You might think these kits are only for worrying parents… you’ll thank me later!

…and that’s the list for now! We know there might be a ton of other things that college students will need once they’re in their dorms, but these are perfect for freshman’s that are just coming into their school year. Tell us in the comments if we missed anything!


And of course we can’t forget to add this very important service to the list:

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