How to use EssayPlease for the First Time

Need an essay?

So you’re here because you have a problem… you need help with your essay. Whether it’s a Research Paper that is 10 pages long, or a discussion question that needs great responses… You’re in the right place then!

EssayPlease is THE place for anyone that needs help with their writing. We normally start from scratch but we also offer editing services as well!

We pride ourselves in the fact that our website is easy, fast and reliable.
Unlike most Essay Writing Service websites, we don’t do the whole ‘auctioning’ system. That takes way too long, leaves gaps in allowing writers that may not be suitable for particular papers to write your work, and well.. it’s a waiting game that sucks!

That’s why ALL of our papers go through our human agents that know each of our writers, their workload for the week, and their strengths in writing. We ensure to connect you to your perfect writer, as soon as we receive your order.

Starting on EssayPlease is easy!

It’s so easy, we made a video that’s less than 45 seconds just to show you!

check the video below!

and that’s it!

Once you are connected to your writer, you are able to communicate with them as much as you want through your PORTAL.


YOUR FINISHED WORK will be found in the messages section of your portal! You can download it, review it and if you need any changes at all, ask your writer to do the changes right on the portal!

Yup! it’s that easy.

So what are you waiting for?!

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Here’s to a great semester!