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American Pastoral Book

For those that have been assigned the classic book American Pastoral by Philip Roth, you’ve probably had long conversations about the themes and main events that the book embodies. For a quick summary on the book, read here. Here at EssayPlease, we’ve had all type of assignments come into our websites, including creative ones, and oh those are exciting!

Below is a poem based on the strong yet confounding character named  Meredith Levov. At the age of 16, Merry set off a bomb in her local post office, killing a doctor. In a frenzy of political upheaval and a plethora of emotional rollercoasters, Meredith stands out as a complicated character that the protagonist attempts to empathize with. From being called a “monster” as a child by her uncle; getting kissed by her father, raped numerous of times and having a speech impediment that is prominent throughout the book, we decided to bring together the story of American Pastoral in a poem that is written in the perspective of Meredith speaking to her father:

We hope you enjoy this American Pastoral Poem:


Daddy thinks there something wrong with me

But daddys blind to all I am

Cause in a world where luck blows up

It’s hard to be a man

Who raised a ticking ticking bomb

He counts each second wondering what has set me off

What wounded me… what wounded me?


D-d-daddy, even with my stutter perfected

I’m a still fucking b-b-bomb

But I’m not like fucking mom

I can’t display myself like a perfect little picture

Or read a perfect little scripture

Like d-d-daddys always done

C-cause somewhere in Vietnam theres an explosion of innocent lives

America’s lied, to you d-d-daddy

You don’t even know who you are

Or what you’ve done, to anyone

Too busy trying to fit your life inside those stupid useless gloves

Well… I don’t know what wounded me

What wounded me, d-d-daddy

Maybe you didn’t kiss me hard enough f-father

I just wanted you to k-kiss me like you kiss umu-umumother


Maybe it’s because you loved her more then you’d ever understand me

Or cause you’d reprimand me

For being myself

But d-d-daddy somewhere in Vietnam there’s a monk melting

Setting flames for our sins and we’re not even helping


Cause while Nixons throwing victory signs after he resigns

Before impeachment

Moms raising cows with your money like a leech and

You’re just a r-r-obot

Who knows not, the slow tocks that tick tick tick

Like the patience of injustice

D-daddy wants to know what wounded me

He thinks its him, it had nothing to do with society

It’s all about this fucking little family

D-d-daddys cowardly, coward see

While Angela Davis is fighting for freedom

Daddy wants me to call my neighbors to meet up

He thinks l-letters and petitions will stop ammunition

B-b-but dad only listens to cows and the likes of everyone else

What wounded me?

This short time we are alive

The filthy ticks of our time

D-death, injustice ticks Booms injustice, explosions tocks you


Cant you see d-daddy, that I killed your little girl long before I lived inside this room?

And the stutter I had suffered I created it for you

Cause in a world where luck blows up, you’re baby she went boom

And still you wouldn’t stand up, or even try to kill my fumes


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