5 Hacks For Nailing Your College Essays

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-Written by Elton M

Writing, why does it have to be such a stick in the mud sometimes? You think you’ve got it down pat, and then you’re met with the need to brainstorm; research, set the right mood, and create an outline before you can start writing. And it never ends there – your first write-up is only a draft that requires edits, mindful citations, and probably more research. That’s why even the best writers often face a bit of trepidation with regards to essay writing. So, here are some helpful hacks to remove the hiccups in your writing process:

  1. First things first, make sure you understand your assignment. It would be a shame to hand in your essay only to realize that you answered the wrong question later. So, before you begin writing, ensure you’ve entirely understood the topic at hand. Consult your professor if need be: it will give you some initiative points.
  2. Conduct your research mercilessly. Yes, be ruthless, but don’t overdo it. You might spend hours, even days, on research. S0, set your time limit, conduct your research – find your sources, make notes, then start writing. If you need to do some additional research, the need will present itself later. But you’ll be well on your way into the writing process. Always remember to review your APA and MLA formats before you begin writing!
  3. Create a flat outline and a writing structure. A flat outline is much better than the traditional hierarchical outline method because it mimics the writing process. It gives you the perfect frame to write your essay while offering the space you need to discover or add other material. Also, use the assignments from your professor as the ideal guide for your writing structure.
  4. Go for quality, not quantity, and make sure you edit your work. The best type of essay is the one that provides a minimum page count with quality work. Having said that, only edit your composition once you finish your first draft. This allows you to remain in an unstoppable flow state of writing, thus producing quality work. Besides, stretching out your work might only weaken your argument. Then get a trusted friend to help with the edits.
  5. Finish with the introduction and conclusion. It is unquestionable to finish with the conclusion. But while finishing with the introduction might seem unorthodox, it works perfectly because it takes less time and offers more accuracy. Why? You already know what is in the body of your essay.


As an added tip, always find a suitable space to write your paper. You’ll find that studious locations like libraries always offer a tranquil focus that is hard to get on your bed. And remember, every time you write your college essay, your goal should always remain to go just above and beyond. Besides, following this process will get you to the end much faster than you realize.

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