5 Skills that you can benefit from during College

Being able to party and wake up early the next day for a morning class may be an admirable feat. But have you thought about certain skills that can make college a simpler and more manageable experience? We’ve put together a concise list of skills that can be beneficial to you as a person and your journey in college. Maybe they all wont be on your To-Do Lists to learn, but they’re worth the effort!


  1. Memorization: Ever heard or seen those young individuals that can memorize an entire book of words? Or the kid that seems to easily breeze through a hundred digit number ? Believe it or not, memory is a skill and it can be exercised. Just like any other muscle in our fascinating bodies, the brain has the ability to gain strength when used over and over again. There’s more, although you may not be jumping with joy to learn how to memorize an entire novel, such ‘memory professionals’ actually have techniques and short cuts to these skills. Obviously it takes work and practice but having a stronger memory can be so helpful in college and beyond! Read on memory or check out this book titled Memory Power 101 by W.R Klemm to learn more about getting your brain on the memory speedway!
  2. Socializing: Socializing, a skill? You might be chuckling to this one, but whether you see socializing as a skill or something you are born with, our social skills are imperative to our health, connections, happiness and more. If you consider yourself shy, quiet, socially awkward or ‘weird’ you might just not be too savvy with your social skills. Honing those skills is possible, but it takes education and practice! Read and study social skills, body language, NPR, and communication. All of these topics will open your eyes to the importance of socializing! Learning how to make friends, partners and simply how to communicate will set you apart from so many others while making college a fun social playground.
  3. Public Speaking: Almost everyone has a fear of speaking in public, and it’s understandable. The pressure is terrible and what will everyone think of you if you mess up? This is why learning how to speak publicly is not only important to getting more comfortable in front of people, but it also boosts up your confidence when you let go of the fear of rejection. Take a Public Speaking class, and learn how to become a confident speaker so you can wow future employers, partners, and peers.
  4. Setting Goals: It might not sound like much, but when was the last time you set up some goals for yourself with actionable objectives and deadlines. As a college student, one can get lost in the abyss of upcoming projects and deadlines, that goals becomes just surviving college. Learning how to set actionable and realistic goals helps in organizing your mind and clarifying what you need to do to reach certain objectives. Research online articles on how to set goals and make this a habit that changes your life in all areas.
  5. Financial Management: Managing money, sounds boring huh? Well with a fraction of college students in debt its interesting to see that many may not even see finances as something that can be learned. Educating yourself on financial literacy, saving, and basic money skills is the foundation to a healthier financial lifestyle. If you allow yourself to fall into the black hole that is financial ignorance, getting yourself out of it may be near impossible once you crawl into the depths of debt. Invest in some books, take a class, an ecourse or talk to someone that is financially savvy so you too can start saving and learning about how important money actually is.


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