3 Tips for Students with Time on their Hands

Is it even possible to have any extra time and be a college student? In today’s busy student world, it seems there’s always something to do. But believe it or not, some students may actually have a substantial amount of extra time laying around. Although our first instinct when extra time is gifted to us may be to plop ourselves down on a couch and watch an entire Netflix Series, there are many other things that can benefit any college student with time. Here’s just a few of them:

Join a club or sports team:

Sounds exciting huh? Well, don’t dismiss the idea yet. School clubs, sports teams and extra curricular activities are perfect for meeting like-minded individuals, practicing a hobby or passion is a productive way to keep your body and mind active. Surrounding yourself with people that are into similar ideas is helpful to growing your network and getting better at socializing (which is really important in the real world). Do a little club hopping around your campus and stick with something you feel comfortable in. And if you don’t want to hang with the people in your school, there’s a whole world outside of it. Checkout websites like Meetup and EventBrite. These two offer so many ways for people with particular interests to meet other people just like you!


Work on side projects:

If you have time to spare, make sure you use it wisely! It’s more than likely that after college you will not have the same luxury of ‘extra’ time! So take advantage! If there’s a skill you want to learn; a language you’d like to speak, an instrument you’d like to practice, a business you’d like to start online, a book you’d like to write, do it now! Once the responsibilities of life arrive, you’d wish you’d dived into those amazing ideas you had! And if you’d like to stay virtual and keep learning outside of your academic institution, check out sites like Masterclass and Coursera, you’re sure to learn things you didn’t even know were made into courses.


Work an Internship:

Let’s face it, the future is near, and you’re trying to find your path. If you know what career you are pursuing, do yourself a favor and find a company you can intern that is connected to your career choice. There is no better way than starting your career than now! You don’t need to wait to graduate in order to get your feet wet. Be persistent, find every company you’re interested in, visit them personally, and ask for internships until you land one!


Don’t let your time dwindle. College can be fun, but it is also the building block to your future, so keep that in mind when you’re aimlessly flipping through channels for a new show to waste your time on. While EssayPlease takes care of your essays, use your extra time to do as much as you can! Time is of the essence!