Being a NYC College Student

-Written by Cee.

You wake up at 6am to get ready, try to eat a reasonable breakfast and prepare to stuff yourself on a NYC subway train to school. Your classes can be anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours. When the teachers’ great and there’s a cute classmate that keeps you somewhat awake, school could be cool. But most times you leave college onto your next venture with a heavy grip on your soul. After school, is work; after work you have to clean, or take care of the kids, or cook, or take out the dog. Maybe you even have a second job, cause everyone whose lived in NYC knows that the rent doesn’t pay itself. And after all of the nonstop activities throughout your day, you still have to do homework. You have to read those 20 pages, and answer the quiz questions of that module. You have to leave comments on those discussion questions… and don’t forget the 10-page essay that’s due in four days.

It’s a typical life of a NYC college student. I’ve lived it, and so do millions of other twenty to thirty something-year-olds. When I was living the college life, I had two jobs, full-time classes, a business venture I was building, a significant other, and a million meetings I had to complete. Thankfully, I was born with an addiction to words, and writing essays was more of a fun sport than a dreadful task. So out of sheer opportunity, I took up the side hustle of helping others write. And that grew… to well… this.

The juggling of a thousand things is so common as a New York City student. Actually, I think it’s common for any college student that has more to take care of than just classes. NYC college students are like master multi-taskers, they have to be- because there are no other options! But sometimes that juggling becomes too much. From experience, I’ve come to learn that sometimes we need help. And that’s what we’re here for. Whether you have children to take care of, or you have three jobs aside from school, maybe you’re an amazing student but you’re simply terrible at writing… that’s what EssayPlease was born from. Being in the shoes of a 19-year old NYC hustling student who had too much to do but found a way to get it done. That was me.

This business literally evolved from helping students that couldn’t manage everything at the same time. So if you need it… let us help you out. We know how you feel, and we know we can make a difference. Whether you’re a New Yawker college student, or a college student from any other state, you know what it’s like to want more time… to need some assistance. We got you covered.

From the nerd with a pen, to the students who need a hand…

Your work, is our work.


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