3 Things NOT to do in College

College is filled with do’s and don’ts. We often find ourselves with a manifesto of how to live out the ‘golden’ or ‘not so golden’ youth that is being a student. Sometimes thought, knowing what not to do can serve as pieces of wisdom for decisions made during these difficult, exciting and emotional rollercoaster part of life. Here are 3 things we’ve comprised from personal experience as what not to do while you are in College. 

Don’t Run through it…

Don’t just breeze through College without taking advantage of all the resources: College students have an unlimited amount of resources available to them. Unless you are in school to please your parents, we believe that taking advantage of the golden opportunities in school can prove so critical to your future life, achievements and growth. Starting with your peers, professors, library, online resources, campus equipment, extra curricular activities, clubs, sports, events, seminars and so much more! Don’t be blind to the endless of doors waiting to be explored in your campus. Ask questions, search for people that can assist you and aim high in reaching your goals. 

Don’t Become a Party-holic

Get stuck in Party Phase: We get it! Partying is fun! Drinking with friends and partying may be the best recreational activity you can think of, but too much of it can be detrimental to your school grades and even your health. Give yourself a restriction of how many times you’ll allow yourself to go out. Or reward yourself with certain achievements before letting yourself head to that frat party this weekend. Some students an get stuck in the party phase far beyond college, and although partying is harmless, balance is necessary in leading a healthy and ambitious life. 

Don’t Waste your Time!

Waste Your Free Time: If you are one of the few students that have the luxury of free time, do not waste it! Yes, Netflix is great at times but do understand that there is an abundance of experiences, skills and activities that you can be engaging in that will lead you to the next level as a human. Use your spare time to learn, explore, ask questions and grow as an individual. Indulging in activities like watching tv, or drinking or drugs may seem like the best way to kill time, but think about what you can harbor in life if you’d invest your time instead of wasting or ‘killing’ it. 

Salvage your college years, no matter how stressful they may be. College will be a rollercoaster of experiences, and it’s necessary to choose wisely what experiences you’d like to partake in! 

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