4 Ways to Get Your Exercise On in College

You’re typing and writing notes and papers all day. Your textbooks only get heavier and it seems like your back isn’t appreciating the loads of knowledge that school is dropping on you. Many don’t find a spark in exercising, however being active is not only good for your college years, it can be fundamental to your later years as well. Being active doesn’t mean you need to carry hundreds of pounds at the gym every single day, actually 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week is sufficient enough to keep your blood flowing. So here are a few tips to get your lazy bones off the study chair and into a healthier and stronger body!


  1. 150 minutes is roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes. Divided in a 7-day week you can estimate that 22 minutes of aerobic activity is good enough. Create a schedule for yourself that you can stick to using those numbers. If you’d like to work out for 1 hour a day, three times a week, that’ll be perfect. Or if 30 minutes a day works for you, note that down. Just choosing a schedule that is realistic can organize and motivate you to get you moving daily!


2. Start off with one exercise for your first two weeks! Lets be real with ourselves, most times we start off with a complicated gym regime that barely gets done the first few days. If you’re going to stick with actually working out until your body progresses, it’s best to be consistent in the beginning. Whether you choose jogging; jumping rope, pilates, zumba, dancing and beyond, stick to one exercise with the goal in mind being to reach a week of workout! Check out this article with the top ten best exercises for everyone!


3. Find a gym buddy and keep each other accountable! Get competitive, make a bet with your roommate or find someone who wants to get in shape too. Having someone push you is always helpful to staying on course. Plus it never hurts to get a little competitive! If anything it’ll make pushing towards your goals more fun!


4. Put a motivational picture or quote as your phone background screen! Visualization is so powerful! That’s why putting a picture of your dream body, or your goal weight can be so motivational. We recommend putting it as the background on your phones home screen. However posters, and notebooks and even computer backgrounds are helpful. Every time you look at these pictures (which is usually a lot) it reminds you of your goal! Keeping your goals consistently in mind helps with bringing them into existence!


We can write an entire novel about the benefits of working out and exercising, but the goal is for you to go out there and get active! Turn your exercises into a lifestyle so you can reap the benefits that physical activity has to offer! Don’t wait off a stronger body for yourself! And remember, if you need more time to get active, let EssayPlease handle your work while you work toward a healthier body!